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Emerging LIDAR Based Approaches For 3D Mapping

TRACC Seminar Series
Xin Chen, Senior Research Scientist, Nokia
May 11, 2012 2:00PM to 3:00PM
Building 222, Room D233
Modeling real world in the 3D modality is broadly applicable to the surveying, navigation, intelligent vehicle, urban modeling, mapping and augmented reality fields. With the rapid development of LIDAR sensors and global positioning technologies, large scale, geo-referenced and dense 3D point clouds can be captured from the ground level. These point clouds can address large scale issues that are not solvable using image-based stereo, stationary scans and airborne data. I will present emerging research on processing such LIDAR data to efficiently create and maintain accurate 3D maps and visual content on a large scale.

Xin Chen is a Senior Research Scientist in the Location and Commerce Division of NOKIA (formerly NAVTEQ), the world leader in premium digital map, traffic and location data. Xin leads his group in LIDAR, computer vision and image processing research and development and supervises full time engineers, interns and teams of academic collaborators at institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Notre Dame and Columbia University.