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The Energy-Water Nexus: Ongoing Research and Future Opportunities

EVS Seminar Series
Christopher Harto (EVS), Washington, D.C. Office
February 13, 2014 2:00PM to 3:00PM
Building 240, Room 1404-1405
The energy-water nexus refers broadly to a wide range of topics relating to the interactions between energy and water. Not only does the production of energy often require large quantities of water, but also the transportation and treatment of water is a large consumer of energy. Over the past decades the connections between energy and water have only grown stronger as economic development has resulted in increasing demand for both. Furthermore, climate change represents a potential threat to water availability in many areas of the country and the globe.

As water becomes scarcer, more energy intensive methods such of providing water for human and industrial needs such as desalination and long distance transportation projects become necessary. This seminar will introduce many of the key problems and questions related to the energy-water nexus, discuss some of the recently completed and ongoing research efforts at Argonne, and provide an update on ongoing efforts within DOE to develop a more comprehensive research program in this area.

Program Development Discussion:
Following the seminar there will be a program development discussion for anyone who is interested to discuss project ideas and coordination of energy and water related research. DOE is in the process of developing an energy-water nexus program plan with potential funding starting in FY15. The main purpose of this discussion will be to strategize about how best to position EVS and Argonne to take advantage of this opportunity.