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Engineering Electronic Bands in Molecular Graphene Using Atomic Manipulation

Materials Science Colloquium
Kenjiro Kimura Gomes, University of Notre Dame
November 21, 2013 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 241
The Colloquium will take place in the Energy Sciences Building 241, Room D172. 

The fundamental understanding of the dynamics of electrons in solids starts with the simple problem of the motion of electrons in a periodic potential. I present scanning tunneling spectroscopic measurements of an assembled honeycomb lattice displaying a graphene-like band structure [1].

The artificial lattice is created by the atomic manipulation of single CO molecules with the scanning tunneling microscope [2] on the surface of Cu(111). The periodic potential array generated by the assembled CO molecules reshapes the band structure of the surface states of the Cu(111) into a Dirac fermion system. I demonstrate the formation of Dirac cones with tunneling spectroscopy and the Fourier analysis of the quasiparticle interference patterns created by local defects in the lattice. The creation of artificial lattices establish a new path to tailor structures that uncover the unseen physics present in exotic topological electronic states.