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First Evidence of Same Sign WW Production in ​Vector Boson Scattering ​Process ​at ATLAS

Junjie Zhu, University of Michigan
August 27, 2014 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 362, Room F108
Vector boson scattering and fusion processes are interesting processes to study at the LHC since they are closely related to the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking mechanism. I will present a first study of the same-sign WW vector boson scattering process at ATLAS using 20 fb-1 of data collected at 8 TeV. Events with two same-sign electron or muons with two forward jets are analyzed. Production cross sections are measured in two fiducial regions with different sensitivities to the electroweak and strong production mechanisms. First evidence for the same-sign WW vector boson scattering process and first set of limits on anomalous quartic WWWW couplings will be presented.