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High Energy Physics Collides in High Performance Computers

HEP Lunch Seminar
Taylor Childers (HEP)
June 17, 2014 12:00PM to 1:00PM
Building 362, Room F108
High Energy Physics has become increasingly dependent on computing to advance our understanding of the fundamental forces and particles of our universe. Experiments at the LHC use a worldwide network, or Grid, of computers in order to analyze the petabytes of data produced by the detectors. The Grid is also used to produce equal amounts of simulated Monte Carlo events. The HEP group at Argonne has taken a leadership role in pioneering high performance computers, such as Mira, to simulate high energy physics processes. I'll speak about the effort to bring collider physics monte carlo and detector simulation to these types of machines and how this enables the study of previously inaccessible processes.