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How to get Papers into PRL and PRB

Daniel Ucko, Senior Assistant Editor, PRL and Tony Begley, Managing Editor, PRB
January 14, 2013 12:00PM to 1:30PM
Building 203
Physical Review LettersPhysical Review B

The Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Directorate in partnership with the Postdoctoral Program Office present "How to get Papers into PRL and PRB" Monday, Jan. 14, in the Building 203 Auditorium.

Lunch will be served at 11:45 a.m. The seminar begins at noon.

Physical Review Letters & Physical Review B both consider themselves prestigious physics journals. Both enjoy a (very) healthy amount of submissions and publications. The inner workings of the Physical Review journals can, however, be somewhat of a mystery to the authors and referees that make the journals successful.

In this presentation, we will be talking about how the journals and review process operate from our perspective, and about new developments at (our) APS in view of the changing publication landscape. We look forward also to provoking debate and obtaining feedback on any aspect of the physics publication business, including what the APS should do next.

About the authors:
Daniel Ucko, Senior Assistant Editor, Physical Review Letters (PRL)
Tony Begley, Managing Editor, Physical Review B (PRB)

Daniel and Tony both studied in England, and, coincidentally, both did research based at the University of Birmingham there. Daniel used muon spin spectroscopy on superconductors at PSI, and joined (PRL) in 2004. Tony performed photoemission experiments on rare-earth metals at the Daresbury Laboratory, and joined (PRB) in 1993.