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Imaging Initiative Town Hall Meeting

Representatives from Materials for Energy, Hard X-ray Science and Large scale Computation Programs
March 14, 2014 3:30PM to 4:30PM
Building 402

Please join us to help shape this initiative.

Representatives from the Materials for Energy, Hard X-ray Science and Large scale Computation programs will all be present.

Most materials are spatially complex and heterogeneous, and their performance is typically linked to this heterogeneity: imaging offers a way to see the real material in all of its complexity and explore its local behavior. When integrated with spectroscopy, diffraction, and computational methods, imaging enables us to understand what we see. This combination of seeing and understanding is essential as we address this century’s most significant challenge: developing materials for efficient and sustainable energy generation, storage, and use.

The goal of the Integrated Imaging Initiative is to provide an integrated scientific and cultural context for Argonne’s world-class imaging capabilities and their application to energy materials exploration and development. The initiative is being launched as part of the Materials for Energy LDRD portfolio and bridges with the Hard X-ray science and Large­ scale Computation portfolios, integrating the APS, EMC, CNM and other microscopy capabilities with the computational and visualization strengths of MCS, the ALCF, and related facilities at Argonne.