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Magnetometry Study of Nanomagnet Logic Devices

Materials Science Seminar
Peng Li, Notre Dame University
November 12, 2013 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 223, Room S105
Nanomagnet Logic (NML) is a novel paradigm to realize low power, non-volatile digital logic. In this technology, the magnetization of single-domain nanomagnets is used to represent binary information, and stray-field interaction propagates and processes signals. Low-power operation is the most important benefit of NML, which relies on magnetic ordering. To initiate this process, hard-axis fields are required to place the magnets into the metastable state for re-evaluation, a process referred to as “nulling” or “clocking.” Resistive losses in the clock wires are the dominant power dissipation source in this scheme, so it is imperative that the highest clocking efficiency be achieved.

In this work, Enhanced Permeability Dielectric (EPD) films are fabricated, studied, and integrated with nanomagnets as a possible solution to lower the power dissipation in nanomagnet logic. In addition, magnetic switching behaviors, magnetization states and coupling of nanomagnets are studied via various magnetic metrologies to understand physics of nanomagnets; this can help to optimize design of NML circuits, which is the other approach to lowering the power dissipation in nanomagnet logic circuits.