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Meeting on Theory of Complex Oxide Interfaces

Peter Littlewood (PSE), Gian Guzmán-Verri (MSD) and John Freeland (XSD)
January 21, 2013 8:00AM to January 22, 2013 3:30PM
Building 402, Room E1100-1200
Complex oxide heterostructures exhibit novel states of matter and functionalities not found in their bulk constituents. The coexistence and interplay between charge, spin, orbital, and lattice degrees of freedom generates various forms of symmetry breaking patterns, which lead to a wide variety of phases such as superconductivity, multiferroics, ferroelectricity, magnetism, and metal-insulator transitions.

The potential to combine the atomistic control of semiconductors with the richness of the physical phenomena seen in correlated oxides offers new opportunities to generate new states of matter at complex oxide interfaces.

This year Argonne has initiated a student fellowship program with the Thomas Young Centre (TYC) - the London Centre for Theory and Simulation of Materials - which brings together scientists from TYC and Argonne under the theme of complex oxide interfaces. The goal of this meeting is to target physical problems in complex oxide interfaces that are relevant to the TYC-Argonne collaboration. The topics of the meeting include surface chemistry and defects, strong correlations and oxide heterostructures, computational methods and properties of titanates.

Meeting Organizers:
Gian Guzmán-Verri (MSD), John Freeland (XSD), Peter Littlewood (PSE)
Argonne National Laboratory

Arash Mostofi
Imperial College London

All welcome. Lunch provided to those who RSVP by Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013.