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Metasurface with Engineered Wavefront with Huygens, Fermat, Bragg, Friedel and Fresnel Laws

Zeno Gaburro, University of Trento, Italy
August 13, 2014 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 241, Room D172
I propose a metasurface that generalizes classical Snell and Fresnel laws, based on phase discontinuities. I provide an outlook on this structure, from different and complementary points of view, referred to classical Huygens, Fermat, Bragg, Friedel and Fresnel laws.

The structure shows a generalization of the concept of crystallographic systematic absence. As a result, the Friedel law of crystals completely breaks down. A novel concept of "metacrystal" can be introduced, where systematic absences can be originated from form factors of meta-atoms, in contrast with natural absences, which are based on structure factors only. Applications will be also presented.

N. Yu, P. Genevet, M.A. Kats, F. Aieta, J.P. Tetienne, F. Capasso and Z. Gaburro, Science 334, 333-337 (2011).