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Methodologies for Controlling the Electricity Load in Future Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems

Henrik Madsen, Technical University of Denmark
December 7, 2017 10:30AM to 12:00PM
Building 362, Room E388

Abstract: This talk describes methodologies for controlling the electricity load in future integrated energy systems using data analytics, cyber physical models, IoT, IoS and cloud computing. Today electricity markets are based on the principles of bidding and clearing; possibly implemented in agent based systems. However, it is recognized that such approaches do not describe the dynamics, stochasticity and nonlinearities of most energy systems. In this talk we will describe a set of methodologies for enabling the energy flexibility in buildings, supermarkets, wastewater treatment plants, etc. with the purpose of controlling the power load in integrated energy systems. The set of methodologies is based on grey-box modeling, forecasting, optimization and model predictive control of integrated (power, gas, thermal) energy systems. It will be demonstrated that the same framework can be used for providing ancillary services (like frequency control, voltage control and congestion management) for power networks in future integrated energy systems with a large penetration of wind and solar power.