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Multi-Physics Modeling of Powder-Based Additive Manufacturing with Uncertainty Quantification

Additive Manufacturing Speaker's Series
Wentao Yan, Northwestern University
January 12, 2018 1:30PM to 2:30PM
Building 402, Room Gallery

Abstract: Metallic powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) technologies show promising potential to reshape manufacturing industries. However, wide adoption is hindered by the lack of understanding of physical mechanisms and assessment of numerous influential factors. To this end, I have developed a multiscale multi-physics modeling framework consisting of a novel heat source model from microscale simulations of electron-atom interactions, high-fidelity powder-scale discrete-element method/computational fluid dynamics models to simulate powder being spread and then melted, and an efficient finite-element heat transfer model at part-scale.

I will also introduce our latest team efforts on seamlessly linking process-structure-property models. With the experimental configuration and material-dependence incorporated, the models have proven to be valuable to understand and optimize the AM process for complex materials.

Finally, I will introduce my work on uncertainty quantification of AM models at NIST, which aims to provide guidance on selection and further development of models.