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Nature-driven Photochemistry for Solar Fuels Production

CFRI Energy Forum
Lisa M. Utschig (CSE)
September 7, 2012 12:15PM to 1:15PM
Building 213 (Cafeteria), Dining Room A
Solar energy conversion of water into the environmentally clean fuel hydrogen offers one of the best long-term solutions for meeting future energy demands. Nature provides highly-evolved, finely-tuned molecular machinery for solar energy conversion that exquisitely manages photon capture and conversion processes to drive oxygenic water-splitting and carbon fixation. Our group has developed new energy conversion strategies that use one of Nature’s specialized energy-converters, the Photosystem I (PSI) protein, to drive hydrogen production from a synthetic molecular catalyst comprised of inexpensive, earth abundant materials. PSI and a cobaloxime catalyst self-assemble and the resultant complex rapidly produced hydrogen in aqueous solution upon exposure to visible light. This work establishes a strategy for enhancing photosynthetic effi