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Neutrino Advances and Developments in Finite Group Models

HEP Theoretical Physics Seminar
David Eby, Vanderbilt
December 17, 2013 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Building 362, Room E188
Neutrino discoveries over the last decade and a half have provided the first definite observation of particle physics beyond the standard model. The ramifications of these results are continuing to impact the theory community, as its members struggle to adapt old models and develop new ones. Finite group models have been particularly successful at providing explanations for new neutrino behavior. Our work, titled Binary Tetrahedral Flavor Symmetry or the T Model, endeavors to bridge the quark and lepton families in a single coherent system by means of additional Higgs-like particles. This theory provides testable predictions for neutrino mixing, quark mixing, and dark matter. Where possible, we evaluate these predictions against current experimental evidence and find agreement with the atmospheric and reactor neutrino mixing angles, an accurate prediction of the Cabibbo angle, and a dark matter candidate outside of current limits. Taken together, we believe these results speak to the promise of finite groups and flavor symmetries to accurately approximate nature.