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Olympus Laser Scanning Confocal and Opto-Digital Microscope Systems for Industrial and Materials Research Applications

XSD/OPT Special Presentation
Christopher VanderTuuk, Olympus America, Inc.
September 5, 2013 10:00AM to 11:00AM
Building 401, Room A1100
Modern industrial QA/QC, FA and R&D labs tend to prefer turn-key laboratory equipment that can provide accurate and repeatable results, often over multiple shifts and with multiple users, and can be certified against a known standard. As industry and manufacturing continues to trend towards the micro and nano levels, the need for high-magnification and high-resolution imaging and measurement is as important as ever. Optical microscope systems fill that need by providing a non-destructive, non-contact way to image and measure very fine detail for a wide variety of materials and applications.

Traditional optical microscope and digital imaging systems are still very popular and meet the majority of the needs of the modern lab. However, visual and digital measurements through an optical microscope system are not certified for accuracy and repeatability, and it is often difficult to duplicate observation conditions from one user to the next making it a challenge to obtain consistent images and data. The latest Laser Scanning Confocal and Opto-Digital Microscopes have been designed to address the limitations of traditional optical microscope systems by providing a turn-key digital imaging and measurement solution that is certified for accuracy and repeatability. This talk will discuss new Laser Scanning Confocal and Opto-Digital Microscopes from Olympus, which are designed specifically for industrial and materials research at the micro and nano levels.