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The Optimal Alignment of Nested Parabolic KB Mirrors

November 30, 2012 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Giacomo Resta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building 431
XSD/OPT Special Presentation
This talk revolves around a series of Mont-Carlo simulations using a Nested Parabolic KB Mirror in its collimating and focusing geometry for a compact x-ray source under consideration at MIT. Simulations of published geometries for the optics reveal a non-ideal angular gap in the collimating orientation, or two focal spots in the focusing orientation. I will be discussing the correction of this non-ideal behavior via a series of rotations of the two parabolic surfaces relative to each other. These rotations notably improve the collimating and focusing properties of the optics and are necessary in the proper simulation or rigid manufacturing of the Nested Parabolic KB geometry for many other applications.