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Pandora's Promise

Chicago Landmark Century Centre Cinema
June 14, 2013 1:30PM to June 20, 2013 10:00PM
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The Chicago Landmark's Century Centre Cinema will show "Pandora's Promise" Friday, June 14, through Thursday, June 20.

Ticket prices as $11.50 for general audience and $9 for seniors. Multiple viewing times are available

Retired Argonne Associate Laboratory Director Charles Till and Retired Argonne Director of the Reactor Engineering Division Len Koch are two of the nuclear energy experts interviewed in the film.

In the next few decades, humankind will need to double, or even triple energy production as billions of people in the developing world lift themselves out of poverty and begin to live modern lives. Unless the source of this new energy is clean and non-CO2 emitting, the risk of triggering a devastating global climate catastrophe is all but certain. Plunging headfirst into this challenge comes filmmaker Robert Stone's controversial and provocative new film. Pandora's Promise dares to tackle the emerging divide within the environmental movement over the desirability of nuclear power as the solution for the world's energy crisis.

Stone profiles thinkers, experts and authors—Stewart Brand, Richard Rhodes, Gwyneth Cravens, Mark Lynas and Michael Shellenberger—to explore how these individuals have come to see advanced nuclear power as humankind's greatest hope. By revealing their personal transformations, Stone re-examines and challenges commonly held assumptions about radiation, waste and weapons, taking viewers on a riveting and mind-altering journey. No matter how you feel about nuclear power, this film promises to change the conversation for years to come.