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PRISM Update: From UK to DC

Eric Loewen, GE Power and Water
August 7, 2013 9:00AM to 9:45AM
Building 401, Room A1100
Provide an overview of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s current commercial efforts on GE’s sodium fast reactor and the implications of closing the nuclear fuel cycle. Commercially, GEH is involved with nuclear power plant construction, servicing the existing fleet and producing nuclear fuel. GEH has a history with sodium fast reactors and our most current design is called PRISM. PRISM was developed from the U.S. sodium cooled fast reactor investigations from 1984 through 1994. The PRISM features of fuel type, basis design, safety and economics will be discussed. An overview of the technical details of PRISM will be provided.

Dr. Eric Loewen is the Chief Consulting Engineer for Advanced Plants Technology for GEH, headquartered in Wilmington, NC. His technical career started at Western State College in Gunnison, CO, with a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Chemistry followed by six years of service in the Nuclear Navy. Dr. Loewen left the Navy to pursue higher degrees (MS & Ph.D.) in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. He joined the Idaho National Laboratory to work on development of a lead-bismuth cooled reactor and using thorium-uranium fuel in LWRs as part of the international Generation IV program. In 2005, Dr. Loewen was selected as the American Nuclear Society’s Congressional Fellow and also elected as ANS President in 2011-12.