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A Self-Organizing Power, Autonomous Power Management System to Support the Waggle Stack in a Remote Prairie Location

CELS Seminar
Wonkeun Cho, Eunsuh Lee, and HyeongGun Lee, Purdue University
February 15, 2018 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 240, Room 1407

Use of the Waggle Stack in urban or developed area is easily managed because of the availability of power and WiFi. When deploying the Waggle Stack to a remote, non-urban environment where power, Internet, or safety systems do not exist, the challenge becomes powering the system and remaining operational, connected, and safe under environmental conditions or events.

To solve this problem, we implemented a self-organizing, autonomous power generation, control, and management system deriving power from solar and wind. Because of the potential for extreme conditions such as winter cold, summer heat, and exposure to fire and other natural events, we built in climate controls to guard against deviations in temperature that would force the system to a nonoperational state. The main goal of this system is to provide continuous power and remain operational 24 x 365, regardless of the environmental conditions. A secondary goal is to integrate seamlessly into a natural environment with minimal disruption.

The system will power the Waggle Stack as an autonomous node, allowing for the collection of environment data. The system will also provide operational data to monitor the operational status to determine whether maintenance is required. Two nodes were developed, one high power and the other low power. The ends of the spectrum were tested with the idea that the more efficient, smaller, and inexpensive the system can be, it will have less invasive environmental impact and be easier to deploy.