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In situ Diagnostics and Synthetic Design of Next-Generation Battery Materials

CSE Seminar
Feng Wang, Brookhaven National Laboratory
November 16, 2017 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 200

Abstract: Present-day energy storage devices are incapable of meeting ever-increasing worldwideenergy needs, from daily use in portable electronics to large-scale applications in transportation and grids. Developing next-generation energy storage systems, such as batteries, not only requires discovery of new electrodes and electrolytes, but also needs better understanding and control of the transport properties of electrodes and solid-electrolyte interfaces — since they eventually dictate the real-world performance of devices.

This talk will discuss recent results from in situ diagnostics and synthetic design of electrodes and interfaces for next-generation batteries. Specifically, advances in in situ techniques for battery research will be overviewed, with examples to show their applications in identifying the fundamental limits of electronic/ionic transport to the practical storage capability of intercalation and conversion electrodes. Over the last decade, significant progress has been made in this area, enabling general principles for designing electrodes and interfaces; nevertheless, there has been no theory or design principle for synthesizing materials of the desired structure and properties. Very often we know what materials we want but don't know how to make them. I will show how this challenge can be tackled through an in situ structure tracking-aided approach and discuss new opportunities for using this approach for synthetic design of next-generation battery electrodes and solid electrolytes.