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SRF Deflecting Cavity Development for the APS Upgrade

Postdoctoral Brown-bag Seminar
Jeremiah Holzbauer (ASD)
July 24, 2013 12:00PM to 1:00PM
Building 212, Room B201
Cookies will be provided.

The Advanced Photon Source is the largest light source in the western hemisphere, producing over 5000 hours of x-rays a year for 70 different experimental beamlines. The APS Upgrade (APS-U) project aims to further increase the avail- able x-ray intensity and experimental capabilities available for its users.

A center- piece of the upgrade is Short Pulse X-Ray (SPX), which will generate pulses 1-2% the duration of the current 100 ps pulses. This will be done using superconducting rf (SRF) deflecting cavities to manipulate the bunch dynamics, allowing flux to be traded for a shorter pulse length. An overview of the APS and SPX will be presented along with the ongoing work of designing and testing these cavities and associated technologies.