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Success in Scientific Collaboration: A Presentation and Discussion to Uncover Unique Factors for Science Teams

Ashley Predith, University of Maryland
June 28, 2013 10:00AM to 11:00AM
Building 201
This lecture will take place Friday, June 28, from 10-11 a.m. in Building 201, Conference Room 245.

Science is becoming an increasingly collaborative endeavor. Have you wondered what makes scientific collaborations work?

Ashley Predith, Associate Director for Programs at Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage, a DOE EFRC, will be at Argonne to discuss factors affecting the success of science teams.

Science collaborations span from small groups of two or three people to large-scale organizations bridging multiple institutions. Combining the efforts of individuals toward a common challenge can lead to incredible discovery, but the path toward scientific achievement often contains surprises. Studies of how people work in flight crews on airplanes and as operating teams in hospitals reveals important factors that affect how well they complete their mission. So what factors affect science research teams as they strive toward their goals? And what can be done to increase chance of success of a science collaboration?

In this presentation and discussion, I will outline recent studies about how people work together that are relevant to science teamsĀ - driving forces for collaboration formation, evidence for collective group intelligence, influence of leadership, and setting conditions for team success. The presentation will be followed by a group discussion looking to identify factors and experiences that are unique to science teams. This presentation and discussion is appropriate for researchers, administrators, and anyone interested in participating in, managing, or leading successful science and engineering collaborations.

Ashley Predith is the Associate Director for Programs at Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage (NEES), a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center led by the University of Maryland. The NEES EFRC investigates fundamental structural questions in lithium-ion and next generation energy storage using precision synthesis and characterization of materials. Dr. Predith serves on the Center's Management Team and also develops programs to enhance interdisciplinary collaborations at the University of Maryland through the Maryland NanoCenter.

Before joining NEES, Ashley Predith was a science policy consultant in Washington, DC where she worked with the American Chemical Society (ACS) and with the Science & Engineering Workforce Project, a joint venture between the National Bureau of Economic Research and Harvard Law School. She co-managed ACS's Science & the Congress Project, an ongoing Congressional briefing series on science policy. She has a PhD in Materials Science from MIT and a BS in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.