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From System to Device, Component, and Materials: A Nontraditional Way for Materials Discovery and Development

Materials Science Colloquium
Kaizhong Gao (AMD)
May 24, 2018 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 241, Room D172

Abstract: Materials science and engineering is the design and discovery of new materials and typically incorporates elements of physics, chemistry, and engineering. Most research groups have expertise a specific area. Different applications may require different knowledge and expertise. What are the successes, challenges, and limitations?

Here are a few examples from our recent work to illustrate how we design and develop nanoscale materials and implemented them into components and devices at a much larger scale:

  • Thin-film magnetic materials used in the HDD industry
  • Magnetic materials for energy storage and conversion
  • Magnetic nanofiber development and integration for RF electronics
  • Iono‐elastomer-based materials for strain and temperature sensors
  • Nano‐laminated materials to reduce energy consumption in electronic devices

From the applied materials research and development perspective, I will show what happens when we need to design and discover new materials in a nontraditional way. I will introduce a novel concept that will help to define and describe the digital universe and show an example to correlate phenomenon from the physical world to the virtual world.