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Visual Salience: Insights and Explorations for Scientific Data

Show and Tell Visualizing the Life of Mind Series
Amitabh Varshney, University of Maryland
February 28, 2013 3:00PM to 4:00PM
University of Chicago
The seminar will take place in the John Crerar Library, Kathleen A. Zar Room.

Even as scientific datasets have been growing at an exponential rate, the capabilities of the human visual system have remained unchanged. As a result, we have now reached a stage where the current generation datasets can easily overwhelm the limits of human comprehension. Visual scalability is rapidly emerging as one of the grand challenges in scientific data exploration. This has informed much of our recent research in developing saliency-guided techniques for large data visualization and analysis.

Most of the time, most of the data is innocuous and unimportant and even considering it wastes precious time and resources. However, current visualization systems effectively assume a default, that every piece of data is equally important. In this talk I shall highlight some of the recent advances in building visualization systems for exploring visualization datasets that leverage the principles of perception of visual salience and machine learning to address the big data challenge.

About the series:
Show and Tell, Visualizing the Life of Mind is a new seminar series that focuses on the practical application, art and science of visualization in research and scholarship at The University of Chicago. The series is presented in the John Crerar Library Kathleen A. Zar room, a joint venture between the Research Computing Center and The University of Chicago Library to bring cutting edge data visualization capabilities to the research community.