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Why the U.S. Nuclear Renaissance Could be a Bust

CFRI Energy Forum
Dave Raske (Retired, formerly NE)
July 26, 2013 12:15PM to 1:15PM
Building 213 (Cafeteria), Dining Room A
There are two major problems with the US’s nuclear power industry. They are the Lack of Public Trust and the Excessive Cost of New Plants. Public trust has been destroyed by years of incompetent regulation and utility greed which translates to increased risk of serious accidents.

This, along with the high costs for new plants and the resulting high electricity costs makes it unlikely that the public or the banking industry will accept a robust nuclear renaissance. This talk summarizes these problems, including the latest fiascos at Duke Energy’s Crystal River plant in Florida and Southern California Edison’s San Onofre plant, and provides some thoughts on changes that could make the nuclear power industry safer and more trustworthy.