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Wood Eye! Selective Aerobic Oxidation of C-C Bonds in Lignin Models and Extracts using Base Metal Complexes: A Comparison of Oxovanadium and Copper Catalysts

EESA Seminar
Tom Baker, University of Ottawa
May 6, 2013 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 205, Y-Wing Auditorium
Selective aerobic oxidation of lignin is being explored with a view to obtaining valuable aromatic chemicals.[1] While many C-O bonds can be cleaved by heat or acid treatments to afford aromatic products such as vanillin, selective oxidative cleavage of C-C bonds may afford complementary aldehyde and acid products that could be converted subsequently into value-added aromatic chemicals. In previous work we showed that pyridine enables a novel 2 e- alcohol oxidation mechanism using oxovanadium complex catalysts and air.[2]

This led to different selectivity in C-C bond cleavage reactions of diols and a-hydroxyether lignin models vs. less basic solvents such as acetonitrile or DMSO.[3] In contrast, use of simple copper halide salts in pyridine [4] bypasses the C-H oxidation pathway in favour of direct C-C bond cleavage.[5] Reactivity of the copper and vanadium catalysts in the oxidation of more complex b-O-4 lignin model compounds and tree-derived lignin extracts will be compared and the differences in selectivity discussed.

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