Argonne National Laboratory

Electronics Design
and Fabrication

From electronic design, software and firmware development, fabrication, engineering support, and long-term maintenance, our experienced engineers and technicians are uniquely familiar with Argonne research facilities, and have the leading-edge software and development capabilities to provide quality, custom solutions within time and budgetary constraints.



Gary Drake


Electronic Hardware Engineering and Support Services

Our committed team of on-site engineers will integrate mechanical, electronic, RF and optical designs into the earliest stages of product development.

Electronic Fabrication and Assembly Services

Our Fabrication Services department is a full-service facility devoted to help you with the entire electronics fabrication process/

Electrical and Electronic Instrument Repair and Calibration

Our instrument repair and calibration department is a full-service facility devoted to repair and calibration of electronic equipment used at the laboratory.

Printed Circuit Board Layout Services

Our PCB layout staff has the experience and tools necessary to create a wide variety of PCB designs, from simple double-sided boards with through-hole components, up to 20+ layers with blind and buried vias.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Electronic Equipment Safety Inspection and Remediation Services

THE HEP Instrument Repair Group can help you meet the Laboratory’s mandate in NRTL electrical equipment safety inspections.