Argonne National Laboratory

J.Taylor Childers-III

Assistant Physicist


2002 - 2007
University of Minnesota, PhD. in Physics
1998 - 2002
University of Kentucky, BS. in Physics


2013 - present
Assistant Physicist at Argonne National Lab, Chicago, IL, USA
2011 - 2013
Fellow at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 - 2011
Postdoctoral Researcher at Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany

Summary of Research

I am an Assistant Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, USA. As a member of ATLAS, I am working to run proton-proton collision simulation on the supercomputer, Mira, which is hosted by Argonne. Mira is the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world and will allow ATLAS to perform previously impossible or impractical simulations.

Previously I was a CERN Fellow working on the ATLAS experiment. CERN is the particle physics laboratory that straddles the Franco-Swiss boarder in Geneva, Switzerland. I am currently studying top pair production using data collected with the ATLAS detector in order to precisely measure the cross-section at LHC energies. These precision measurements are important to improve our understanding of fundamental physical processes such as Quantum Chromodynamics. There is also the possibility to see evidence for new physics beyond the Standard Model. We are currently working to publish these results. As a member of the ATLAS collaboration, I have responsibilities in supporting the operation and upgrade of the Level-1 Central Trigger. I also perform week-long shifts as the operational run manager for the ATLAS detector which means I'm responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the entire experiment during physics data taking.

Prior to my Fellow, I worked for Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany, with the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, also on the ATLAS experiment. I have worked at CERN on ATLAS since January 2008. The ATLAS group at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics is involved with the Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger and I acted as their on-site expert for the hardware. In the beginning, I was heavily involved with the calibration and commissioning, specifically for the Pre-Processor Modules (PPM) which were designed and built in Heidelberg. I also coordinated the monitoring infrastructure which is used during data taking to ensure the hardware is running properly and the quality of the output data is acceptable. If you would like more information about the L1Calo System see our paper in Journal of Instrumentation.