Media Contacts

Steve McGregor

Stephen McGregor is manager of media relations for Argonne. Contact him at (630) 252-5580 or

Angela Hardin

Angela Hardin is a media relations specialist who covers transportation, energy research and tech transfer at the lab. Contact her at (630) 252-5501 or

Jared Sagoff

Jared Sagoff is a media relations specialist who covers national security, environment and life sciences, computing and fundamental sciences research. Contact him at (630) 252-5549 or

Brian Grabowski

Brian Grabowski is a communications lead in the Computing, Environment and Life Sciences directorate. Contact him at (630) 252-1232 or

Tona Kunz

Tona Kunz is the communications lead and media relations specialist who covers research at the Advanced Photon Source. Contact her at (630) 252-5560 or

Ben Schiltz

Ben Schiltz is communications lead for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research. Contact him at (630) 252-5640 or

Louise Lerner
Science Writer

Louise Lerner is the lab science writer and editor of Argonne Now, the lab's semiannual science magazine. Contact her at or (630) 252-5526.