Media Contacts

Christopher J. Kramer

Christopher J. Kramer is the manager of media relations and external affairs for Argonne. Contact him at 630-252-5580 or

Brian Grabowski

Brian Grabowski is a public information officer who covers computing, the environment and life sciences. Contact him at (630) 252-1232 or

Angela Hardin

Angela Hardin is a senior media relations specialist. Contact her at (630) 252-5501 or

Tona Kunz

Tona Kunz is a public information officer who covers X-ray science research at Argonne's Advanced Photon Source. Contact her at (630) 252-5560 or

Louise Lerner

Louise Lerner is the lab science writer and editor of Argonne Now, the lab's semiannual science magazine, and handles external website communications. Contact her at or (630) 252-5526.

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell is a communications specialist for tech transfer and regional outreach. Contact him at 630-252-5573 or

Jared Sagoff

Jared Sagoff is a public information officer who covers physical science research, including physics, chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology. Contact him at (630) 252-5549 or

Ben Schiltz

Ben Schiltz is the public information officer for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research. Contact him at (630) 252-5640 or

Greg Cunningham

Greg Cunningham is a public information officer who covers energy and national security research, including nuclear energy, transportation, energy efficiency, and alternative energy. Contact him at (630) 252-8232 or