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Argonne researcher Byeongdu Lee has determined that different shapes of gold nanoparticles, above and below, will self-assemble into different configurations when attached to single strands of DNA.
DNA can act like Velcro for nanoparticles

Argonne researcher Byeongdu Lee and his colleagues at Northwestern University discovered that strands of DNA can act as a kind of nanoscopic "Velcro" that binds different nanoparticles together.

November 17, 2010
A SLAC researcher works on the newly-opened Linac Coherent Light Source. Image courtesy of SLAC.
LCLS comes online, with some help from Argonne

The recently opened Linac Coherent Light Source at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory provides scientists around the world with a brilliant new tool to understand fundamental properties of atoms and materials at previously unreachable dimensions. Its birth, however, could not have occurred without the expertise of Argonne scientists.

September 3, 2010