Argonne National Laboratory

Site Access Policy

Argonne National Laboratory is a controlled access facility, and anyone entering the site must be authorized. Employees, Site Occupants, Users, and Visitors all must present valid site access credentials upon entry. All Users and Visitors must be pre-authorized by a host and issued a Visitor Gate Pass or User Badge prior to entry.    

Identification Requirements

All Visitors 16 years of age or over must present a valid form of photo identification. Failure to provide valid site access credentials or valid photo identification will result in denial of access.

Acceptable forms of photo identification for U.S. and Non-U.S. citizens

User Facility Requirements

Individuals who are accessing the Laboratory for the facilities below must follow specific facility requirements.

Advanced Photon Source (APS)

Users (conducting hands-on work) or Visitors (no hands-on work or remote computer access) of the APS must register for site access approval.

Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM)

Users (conducting hands-on work) must register for site access approval.

Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF)

Contact your host.

Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System (ATLAS)

Contact your host.

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM)

Contact your host.

U.S. Citizens

U.S. citizens can become pre-authorized by contacting a designated Laboratory host to obtain a Gate Pass. Visitors requiring Laboratory access for more than 90 days must register at Argonne’s Visitor Registration page. A link to the page will be sent to the visitor by the designated Laboratory host. For more information on site access for U.S. citizens, contact the Argonne Information Center at (630) 252-5755 or your Laboratory host.

Non-U.S. Citizens

All non-U.S. citizens (foreign nationals) are required to obtain approval through the Foreign Visits and Assignments (FV&A) Office by first registering at Argonne’s Visitor Registration page. A link to the page will be sent to the foreign national by the designated Laboratory host. All foreign nationals must be approved for a visit before they can be issued a Visitor Gate Pass. Depending upon the country of birth and the citizenship, approval could take seven (7) business days or longer for processing. For more information on site access for foreign nationals, contact the FV&A Office at (630) 252-1142 or your Laboratory host.  


A minor is any individual who is under the age of eighteen (18) years as of their visit to the Laboratory. Minors under sixteen (16) years of age are not required to obtain a Visitor Gate Pass. Argonne National Laboratory supports the inclusion of minors in educational opportunities, and certain minors may visit Argonne for purposes such as a personal visit; tours hosted by divisions, directorates, or user facilities; educational/outreach visit; or a research-focused visit or a user facility/partnership visit. For more information on the Laboratory’s minor policy, contact your designated Laboratory host.

Prohibited Articles

All individuals entering Laboratory property are subject to vehicle search. Signs posted at all Laboratory entrances delineate prohibited articles that cannot be introduced to the site (e.g., firearms, weapons, explosives/incendiary devices, radioactive sources, open containers of alcohol, illegal drugs, and pets). 

Rules of the Road

All individuals operating a motor vehicle onsite must adhere to all Illinois Rules of the Road. Use of cell phones (even hands-free) while driving onsite is prohibited. Helmets are required for all motorcycle and bicycle traffic.

Other Important Information

  • All individuals while on Laboratory property are required to wear their Gate Pass conspicuously, photo side out, in a location above the waist and on the front of the body.
  • Keep the Gate Pass in good condition and have it replaced if it is damaged or there is a change in your legal name or appearance.
  •  Protect the Gate Pass against loss, theft, or misuse.
  • Report lost or stolen Gate Passes immediately to the Argonne Protective Force (630) 252-5730.
  • Gate Passes should not be altered, photocopied, counterfeited, reproduced, photographed, or posted on the internet.
  • When not on U.S. Department of Energy-owned or leased property, Gate Passes should be removed or obscured from visual access.