Argonne National Laboratory

Christopher L. Marshall

Senior Research Chemist

Chris Marshall is a senior research chemist in the Catalysis Science Group of the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division at Argonne. His research concentrates on the synthesis, testing and in situ characterization of refining, chemical and biomass conversion catalysts. Synthesis work has recently concentrated on the use of atomic layer deposition for stabilization and improved performance of supported catalysts.


  • Ph.D., inorganic chemistry, Michigan State University, 1980
  • MS. inorganic chemistry, Michigan State University, 1977
  • BS, chemistry, SUNY Potsdam, 1975

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Wang, S.; Xie, H.; Lin, Y.; Poeppelmeier, K.; Li, T.; Winans, R.; Cui, Y.; Ribeiro, F.; Canlas, C.; Elam, J.; Zhang, H.; Marshall, C., "High Thermal Stability of La2O3- and CeO2-Stabilized Tetragonal ZrO2," Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (5), 2413-2420 (2016)
  2. Lei, Y.; Lee, S.; Low, K.-B.; Marshall, C. L.; Elam, J. W., "Combining Electronic and Geometric Effects of ZnO Promoted Pt Nanocatalysts for Aqueous Phase Reforming of 1-Propanol," ACS Catal., 6, 3457-3460 (2016)
  3. Hedlund, J. K.; Cronauer, D. C.; Jacobs, G.; Kropf, A. J.; Libera, J. A.; Elam, J. W.; Marshall, C. L.; Pendyala, V. R.; Davis, B. H., "Titania Supported Ru Nanoclusters as Catalysts for Hydrodeoxygenation of Pyrolysis Oils," Catalysis Letters, 146, 525-539 (2016)
  4. Aich, P.; Wei, H.; Todorovic, R.; Marshall, C. L.; Miller, J. T.; Meyer, R., "Effect of Support Reducibility on the Selective Hydrogenation of Acrolein," J. Catal., submitted (2016).
  5. Zhang, H.; Canlas, C.; Kropf, A. J.; Jeffrey W Elam; Dumesic, J. A.; Marshall, C. L., "Enhancing the Stability of Copper Chromite Catalysts for the Selective Hydrogenation of Furfural with ALD Overcoating (II) - Comparison Between TiO2 and Al2O3 Overcoatings," J. Catal., 326, 172-181 (2015)
  6. O'Neill, B.; Jackson, D.; Lee, J.; Canlas, C.; Stair, P.; Marshall, C.; Elam, J.; Kuech, T.; Dumesic, J.; Huber, G. W., "Catalyst Design with Atomic Layer Deposition," ACS Catal., 3, 1804-1825 (2015)
  7. Aich, P.; Wei, H.; Basan, B.; Kropf, A. J.; Schweitzer, N. M.; Marshall, C. L.; Miller, J. T.; Meyer, R. J., "Single Atom Alloy Pd-Ag Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation of Acrolein," Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (32), 18140-18148 (2015)
  8. Zhang, H.; Lei, Y.; Kropf, A. J.; Zhang, G.; Elam, J.; Miller, J. T.; Sollberger, F.; Ribeiro, F.; Akatay, C. M.; Stach, E. A.; Dumesic, J. A.; Marshall, C. L., "Enhancing the stability of copper chromite catalysts for the selective hydrogenation of furfural using  ALD overcoating," J. Catal, 317, 284-292 (2014)
  9. Liu, J.; Guo, Z.; Childers, D.; Schweitzer, N.; Marshall, C. L.; Klie, R. F.; Miller, J. T.; Meyer, R. J., "Correlating the degree of metal–promoter interaction to ethanol selectivity over MnRh/CNTs CO hydrogenation catalysts," J. Catal., 313, 149-153 (2013)
  10. da Silva, A. A. A.; Ribeiro, M. C.; Cronauer, D. C.; Kropf, A. J.; Marshall, C. L.; Gao, P.; Jacobs, G.; Davis, B. H.; Noronha, F. B.; Mattos, L. V., "Ethanol reforming reactions over Co and Cu based catalysts obtained from LaCoCuO3 perovskite-type oxides," Topics in Catalysis, 57, 637-65 (2014)


  • Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), North American Catalysis Society