Argonne National Laboratory

Current Postdoctoral Researchers

Krista Hawthorne
Kurt Frey

Modeling and simulation of complex physical and chemical systems, with particular emphasis on physical property estimation

Lars Kohler
Le Ge
Photo of Liang Li Liang Li

Current research focuses on ab-initio theoretical studies on hybrid lithium-ion/lithium-oxygen battery materials and photocatalytic reduction of CO2.

Lina Chong
Lindsey Bleem

Lindsey Bleem is an experimental physicist in the High Energy Physics Division. Her research focuses on using measurements of galaxy clusters, large-scale structure, and the cosmic microwave background to constrain cosmology.

Linghong Zhang
Lintao Peng

My research was focused on the study of electrical transport properties  of novel materials with emphasis on van der Walls two-dimensional materials, thin films, and chalcogenides. Currently, my re

Lisa Goodenough