Argonne National Laboratory

Current Postdoctoral Researchers

Gasper Kokot
Photo of Gleiciani de Queiros Silveira Gleiciani de Queiros Silveira

Research focuses on 2D nanoparticles and soft biological materials assemblies.

Guangxu Ju

In-situ x-ray studies of materials processing, characterization, and properties; x-ray scattering for surface evolution during epitaxial thin films; exploring the buried interfaces with advanced x-ray techniques; development of in-situ x-ray techniques; MOVPE and Reactive magnetron sputtering thin film growth of wide band gap nitride semiconductors; Nanostructured materials; Optical and electronic properties of the nitride semiconductors;

Guiliang Xu
Guoqiang Tan
Haifeng Lv
Han Gao
Hao Wang
Hao-Cheng Yang

Research is focused on surface and interface engineering of polymer membranes, including surface modification, organic-inorganic composite membranes, Janus membranes, etc.

Photo of Haogang Cai Haogang Cai

Research is focused on metasurfaces based flat lenses in the visible and IR spectrum, and the integration with MEMS.