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Mentoring Policies and Procedures

The Postdoctoral Mentoring Program follows a structured-facilitated design. This is a relatively formal program with support from the Laboratory. In most cases, postdocs will select their own mentors after they have had the chance to review staff bios and meet with potential mentors. However, in divisions with a large number of postdocs, it may become necessary for the division to facilitate mentor-mentee pairings. This approach should only be taken with the understanding that the postdoc reserves the right to select a new mentor if desired.

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The general steps to be taken by the postdoc are as follows:

  1. Within 90 days of the starting date, each postdoc should select a member of the Argonne research staff to serve as a mentor. The mentor must not be the postdoc’s supervisor.
  2. Postdocs who encounter difficulties in identifying a mentor should seek assistance from their local Mentoring Program Coordinator and/or Assistant.
  3. A mentor in the host division may be desirable from a practical standpoint. However, a postdoc may choose a mentor from another division provided that both parties agree to the mentoring arrangement.
  4. Once a mentor has been identified, the mentoring agreement (attached to this document) should be filled out and returned to the Divisional Office, who will then forward it to the Postdoctoral Program Coordinator with copy to the Divisional Mentoring Program Coordinator.
  5. It is recommended that mentors and mentees try to meet on a quarterly basis. However, the actual frequency of the meetings is at the discretion of the postdoc.
  6. The meeting can take a variety of forms, including a simple check that everything is going well. Both parties should be proactive in ensuring that meetings take place. The annual postdoc evaluation form (ANL-699) is used to confirm that meetings have occurred.
  7. In the event that a postdoc wishes to change mentor, a new designation may be made at any time by repeating the steps outlined above. The postdoc should consult the divisional Mentoring Program Coordinator to alert him/her of the change.
  8. The postdoc should be proactive in filling out the MP evaluation items in the Lab postdoc evaluation form (ANL-699).

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