Argonne National Laboratory

Facilities & Centers

Argonne's Physical Sciences and Engineering Directorate is home to several different state-of-the-art national user facilities as well as two Energy Frontier Research Centers.

  • The Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System (ATLAS) is a leading user facility for nuclear structure research in the United States. ATLAS is a superconducting linear accelerator primarily used to study heavy ions.
  • The Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center (ANSER) is a large-scale collaboration that seeks to develop next-generation technologies for the harvesting of solar energy.
  • The Center for Electrical Energy Storage (CEES) is developing the next generation of electrochemical energy storage technologies for transportation, residential, and commercial use.
  • The Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) is a premier user facility that provides expertise, instruments, and infrastructure for interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology research.
  • Argonne's Glassblowing Studio provides state-of-the-art unique pieces of scientific glassware.