Argonne National Laboratory


Argonne’s Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Directorate houses scientists in five research divisions as well as many researchers who play a key role in Argonne’s battery hub, the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research.

  • The Chemical Sciences and Engineering (CSE) Division performs basic and applied chemistry research. Researchers in CSE specialize in catalysis, electrochemical systems, the nuclear fuel cycle, combustion chemistry, and multiscale ultrafast chemistry.
  • The High Energy Physics (HEP) Division conducts research in both theoretical and experimental particle physics as well as accelerator development, detector research and development (R&D), particle astrophysics, and cosmology..
  • The Materials Science (MSD) Division emphasizes the study of the structure and function of novel materials to solve America’s energy challenges.
  • The Nanoscience and Technology (NST) Division performs both fundamental and use-inspired nanoscience and develops connections between industry and Argonne's applied science divisions. It hosts a user facility, the Center for Nanoscale Materials.
  • The Physics (PHY) Division studies the structure of nuclei and nuclear reactions, nuclear theory, medium energy nuclear research, and accelerator R&D.