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Advanced Distribution Management Systems for Grid Modernization -- DMS Industry Survey

TitleAdvanced Distribution Management Systems for Grid Modernization -- DMS Industry Survey
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSingh, R, Uluski, R, Reilly, JT, Martino, S, Lu, X, Wang, J
Series TitleFoundational Report Series
Document NumberANL/ESD-17/11
Date Published04/17
InstitutionArgonne National Laboratory
CityLemont, IL USA
Report NumberANL/ESD-17/11
AbstractThe trends towards distributed generation in recent years have impacted the electric distribution system. Grid modernization is an answer to mitigating these impacts. Thus, the distribution system is being transformed from mostly manual business processes to computer-assisted decision making with automation. At the heart of this transformation is the Distribution Management System (DMS)—a set of integrated computer and communication systems to assist the distribution system operator, engineers, and other electric utility personnel in monitoring and controlling the distribution system in an optimal manner without compromising safety or asset protection. This document contains the results of a survey conducted by the DMS Task Force of the IEEE Smart Distribution Working Group (SDWG) in 2016 to identify and document trends in DMS applications by North American electric utilities and to document the results achieved by utilities that have years of DMS operating experience.