Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Researchers

Name Title Topics Organization
Photo of Alex Martinson Alex Martinson Chemist, Principal Investigator Surface & interface studies Materials Science
Alexander Heifetz Principal Electrical Engineer
Alexander V. Zinovev Scientific Instrumentation Specialist Surface & interface studies Materials Science
Alexei Koshelev Physicist Materials Science
Alexey Galda Research Assistant Professor, University of Chicago (joint position with MSD) Materials Science
Alexey Snezhko Physicist Materials Science
Ali Erdemir Argonne Distinguished Fellow Materials science Energy Systems
Alison Dunlop Chemical Engineering 1 Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Amanda Petford-Long Chair of the Chief Research Officer Council, Argonne Distinguished Fellow Nanoscience Materials Science
Amgad Elgowainy Team Leader/Principal Energy Systems Analyst Energy life-cycle analysis Energy Systems