Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Researchers

Name Title Topics Organization
Antonio Picon Alvarez Assistant Physicist Physical Sciences and Engineering
Arlene Wagner Chemistry 1 Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Arturo Gutierrez Materials/Ceramics/Metallurgical 2 Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Arvydas P. Paulikas Senior Scientific Associate Sr. Materials Science
Audun Botterud Principal Energy Systems Engineer Smart Grid Energy Systems
Axel Hoffmann Senior Group Leader, Magnetic Films, Senior Materials Scientist Thin films Materials Science
Photo of Aymeric Rousseau Aymeric Rousseau Section Leader - Systems Modeling and Control Vehicles Energy Systems
Azamat Mametjanov Application Performance Engineer Mathematics, computing, & computer science Mathematics and Computer Science
Photo of Dr. Balu Balachandran Balu Balachandran Argonne Distinguished Fellow and Section Leader - Ceramics Manufacturing Energy Systems
Baofu Qiao Assistant Chemist - Term Chemical Sciences and Engineering