Propel: Operating a Company


Experts lead the conversation on a startups considerations related to liability, employment agreements, accounting, insurance and other related issues required to operate.

Presented by representatives from Hub International, Perkins Coie and TriNet.

Propel: Startup Finance and Accounting


Accounting and finance principles for startups, from investor-facing future financial statements to startup accounting basics. Finance, tax and accounting consideration are explored as entrepreneurs make very personal decisions on venture structure and fundraising efforts.

Presented by a panel of entrepreneurs and financial/accounting experts, including Eric Benson, John Slump and others tbd.

Launchpad Encore: Guiding the Flash: Engineering a Super Strobe Light Called the Advanced Photon Source
The winner of the inaugural 2015 Argonne Launchpad Competition is Principal Mechanical Engineer Gary Navrotski (XSD).

Navrotski will make a special Launchpad Encore presentation "Guiding the Flash: Engineering a Super Strobe Light Called the Advanced Photon Source" Tuesday, July 21, 2015, noon, Bistro 213, Dining Rms. A/B.

Charonjeet (CJ) GuronJune 29, 2015

Technology Manager

X-ray imaging reveals secrets in battery materialsJune 22, 2015

In a new study, researchers explain why one particular cathode material works well at high voltages, while most other cathodes do not. The insights could help battery developers design rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that operate at higher voltages.