Benjamin StripeApril 10, 2013

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hybrid Radiator Cooling System

A more efficient cooling system for highway trucks

Elena RozhkovaApril 5, 2013


What We're Buying

In fiscal year 2012, Argonne procured nearly $100 million in goods and services from small businesses in the categories listed below. While we do purchase other supplies and services, these categories generally reflect the current needs of the laboratory.

If you represent a small business that provides a service or product within these areas, please fill out our Supplier Information Form or create a one-page capabilities statement and send it to Argonne’s Small Business Liaison Officer.

Licensable Life Science Technologies

A selection of biology-based technologies available for licensing

Leah B. GuzowskiApril 1, 2013

Energy Policy Scientist

Betsy GromMarch 29, 2013

Quality Assurance Manager

Small business success story: Lindblad ConstructionMarch 27, 2013

Based in Joliet, Ill., Lindblad Construction has been performing construction services in the Chicagoland area for more than 60 years.

Construction Contractor Checklist

For small businesses seeking contracting opportunities with Argonne in the construction/demolition field, please be sure you have taken the following steps in advance of receiving a contract solicitation to ensure you are in a position to make a successful bid:

Getting Started

By completing the following steps, you can ensure your small business is prepared to respond to contracting opportunities from Argonne: