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Sarah OwensMarch 25, 2016


Making Mentoring Meaningful

Workshop attendees will learn methods to get the most impact from a mentoring relationship, including how to foster the mentoring relationship, defining mentoring needs, tracking outcomes and evaluating impact. Learning objectives are applicable to both mentors and mentees at all career levels.

Women Leaders at the Laboratory and WIST Activities

Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program will sponsor a panel of current women leaders at the Laboratory discussing opportunities for personal and professional development including a variety of WIST activities such as the TWIST tours, career development workshops and the WIST Steering Committee.

State of the Laboratory 2016

Argonne Director Peter Littlewood will present the 2016 State of the Lab address, during which he will discuss the laboratory’s numerous recent accomplishments and what lies ahead for Argonne.

The theme of this year’s presentation is “Think Big,” and Littlewood will outline opportunities that await Argonne in new areas, and process improvements planned for the lab that will empower progress and position the laboratory for success as a 21st century organization.

All employees whose schedules permit are encouraged to attend.

Webinar: ‘Interrupting Bias in Performance Evaluations’

Argonne’s Leadership Institute along with Human Resources (HR) will provide a group viewing of the Women’s Leadership Edge webinar: “Interrupting Bias in Performance Evaluations.” All employees whose schedules permit are welcome to attend.

Louise LernerMarch 8, 2016

Science Writer

The secret lives of scientists & engineers: Matt KwiatkowskiMarch 7, 2016

In this series, meet researchers from Argonne with unusual hobbies and interests. Today we're interviewing Matt Kwiatkowski, cyber security manager—and a pilot who built his own plane.

Working with Argonne: 5 questions with Suresh SunderrajanMarch 7, 2016

Sunderrajan took a few minutes out of his schedule to sit down with us and talk business development, Argonne’s role in spurring U.S. innovation, and regional cuisine.