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Webinar: ‘Interrupting Bias in Performance Evaluations’

Argonne’s Leadership Institute along with Human Resources (HR) will provide a group viewing of the Women’s Leadership Edge webinar: “Interrupting Bias in Performance Evaluations.” All employees whose schedules permit are welcome to attend.

Louise LernerMarch 8, 2016

Science Writer

The secret lives of scientists & engineers: Matt KwiatkowskiMarch 7, 2016

In this series, meet researchers from Argonne with unusual hobbies and interests. Today we're interviewing Matt Kwiatkowski, cyber security manager—and a pilot who built his own plane.

Working with Argonne: 5 questions with Suresh SunderrajanMarch 7, 2016

Sunderrajan took a few minutes out of his schedule to sit down with us and talk business development, Argonne’s role in spurring U.S. innovation, and regional cuisine.

Women in STEM careers: Breaking down barriersMarch 7, 2016

Three Argonne researchers share their experiences, why they pursued STEM careers, and how they’re continuing to help the next generation of scientists and engineers to flourish.

Carolyn PhillipsFebruary 19, 2016

Computational Scientist

Town hall: LDRD program changes

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program will discuss changes in the submission and review process for the LDRD Innovate component.

Map of Nursing/Lactation Rooms

This map indicates nursing/lactation rooms on Argonne's campus and includes details about each room.