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Electroactive Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Positive electrodes for secondary batteries containing lithium source material

Composite Materials for Battery Applications

Process for the production of Si- Graphene nano-composite materials for use as anode materials in Lithium Ion Batteries

Methods for Preparing Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

Process for the preparation of transition metal particles with a gradient concentration from core to the outer layers

Long Life Lithium Batteries with Stabilized Electrodes

Non-aqueous electrolytes with stabilization additives for improved calendar and cycle life of batteries

Jerome LinMay 10, 2016

Postdoctoral Appointee

Anne BoronMay 6, 2016

Safety Systems Engineering Specialist

First Friday Forum: Meet new program initiator

Lydia Finney (XSD) will be introduced as the new WIST Program Initiator.

Finney is interested in hearing employees' thoughts and will share with employees some of her ideas on themes for future First Friday forums, workshops and seminars. All employees are welcome to attend.

‘What’s NEXT’ employee climate survey findings

Shuttle service will be provided beginning at 9:15 a.m. with stops at Buildings 201, 212, 202, 240, 203, 208, 200, 205 and 362. Return trips following the talk.

Seungbum HongMay 2, 2016

Staff Scientist