Technology transfer

Composite Electrodes for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

Electrodes that offer superior cost and safety features over state-of-the-art LiCoO2 electrodes

Manganese Oxide Composite Electrodes for Lithium Batteries

Improved spinel-containing “layered-layered” lithium metal oxide electrodes have higher voltage, increased stability, and contain less expensive manganese

Lithium Iron Phosphate Composites for Lithium Batteries

Inexpensive, electrochemically active phosphate compounds with high functionality for high-power and high-energy lithium batteries

Technical Services

Argonne National Laboratory offers a number of advanced technical capabilities to support its own research staff and researchers at other federally funded laboratories and agencies. Services that cannot be duplicated elsewhere are also made available to universities and the private sector. Three Argonne organizations are noteworthy for their unique technical capabilities: