Technology transfer

Layered Electrodes for Lithium Cells and Batteries

Layered lithium metal oxide compounds for ultra-high-capacity, rechargeable cathodes

Nanotube Composite Anode Materials

Increased battery capacity, safety, stability and reliability at lower cost

Argonne in the marketplace: Ultrananocrystalline diamondJuly 1, 2012

Even as royalty set diamonds into crowns and rings, engineers lusted after the gems for different reasons: diamonds are stronger than any other natural material and are excellent electrical insulators and heat conductors. A technique invented at Argonne National Laboratory creates thin films of diamond with grains so small they're called ultrananocrystalline diamond films

Argonne wins four R&D 100 AwardsJune 20, 2012

Four technologies developed by researchers at Argonne have received this year’s R&D 100 awards. The awards, organized by R&D magazine, are widely considered to be the "Oscars of Innovation."

Electrode Structures and Surfaces for Lithium Batteries

Improved stability of composite electrode structures and a low-cost manufacturing method

Surface Modification Agents for Lithium-Ion Batteries

A process to modify the surface of the active material used in an electrochemical device that increases safety and security of batteries

Composite Electrodes for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

Electrodes that offer superior cost and safety features over state-of-the-art LiCoO2 electrodes