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Layered Copper-Based Electrode for High-Dielectric Constant Oxide Thin-Film-Based Devices

Copper offers better performance at a lower cost

December 3, 2012
Three-Dimensional Thermal Tomography Advances Cancer Treatment

Rapid, noninvasive detection of cancer cells

November 1, 2012
Millimeter-Wave Systems Track Biometrics; Detect Chemicals, Gases and Radiation

Detect hazards before they become serious risks

November 1, 2012
Device and Method for Fluidizing and Coating of Ultrafine Particles

Increasing structural stability and cell capacity of battery electrodes

November 1, 2012
Enhanced Renewable Methane Production System

Benefits wastewater treatment plants, farms, and landfills

October 1, 2012
Brochure: Technology Development & Commercialization

Describes how Technology Development and Commercialization works at Argonne, including 12+ innovative technologies for commercialization that were developed at Argonne.

September 15, 2012
Isotopic Abundance in Atom Trap Trace Analysis

Unique trap-and-trace analysis method for long-lived isotopes can help map underground waterways and much more.

September 3, 2012
RadTrac: Portable and Compact Tracking of Radioactive Materials

Combines a radiation detector and video camera to give real-time tracking of moving radioactive sources

September 3, 2012
More Rapid Detection of Strontium in Urine Samples

Strontium-90 (Sr-90) is a carcinogenic radioactive isotope that can be released into the atmosphere

September 3, 2012
Tracking Moving Radioactive Sources

A flexible, low-profile system for detecting the source of radiation

September 3, 2012