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LDAP Browser/Editor: Work Easily with Directories

LDAP Browser/Editor: Work Easily with Directories

Now there's a tool that makes LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories easier to access. Argonne’s LDAP Browser/Editor, unique among Java-based browsers, provides full editing functionality for working with the information in LDAP directories. Directory managers can easily modify the contents of LDAP databases. Users also can configure different editors or viewers, depending on the attribute type. These can include image editors, sound editors, binary editors, or the X509 certificate editor; a default editor is used for all other attributes.

The browser/editor uses the form of a tree to display the hierarchical information contained in a directory. Whenever you select a particular object on the tree, that object's attributes are retrieved and displayed in tabular format. Any changes to the tree's structure are shown through display refreshes.

LDAP's graphical user interface is user friendly. It provides easy-to-use pop-up menus, sortable tables and a graphic indicator to show progress in loading data, together with online help and detailed error messages. The software is easy to install and extensive documentation is provided.

The LDAP Browser/Editor 2.7 was the winner of the Student Application Grand Prize in the 1999 Novell Developer Contest.


  • Easily browse and edit LDAP directories


  • Search LDAP databases
  • Create and modify object templates on the basis of selected entries
  • Delete whole trees and single values
  • Save and insert values from files
  • Customize the configuration
  • Connect automatically to a specified host

Technical Details/Requirements

  • Runs on Windows or UNIX systems
  • Requires Java 1.2 or greater

Licensing Information

The LDAP browser/editor is available from the Open Channel Foundation. LDAP Browser/Editor is available either as executable or in source code form.