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onVCP — Virtual Community Platform

onVCP — Virtual Community Platform

Uniting government, non-governmental, and private-sector partners through the capability rich online Virtual Community Platform (onVCP) tool leads to a forward-thinking confluence where a community of professionals can actively collaborate and share documents in a secure venue.

The Virtual Community Platform (VCP) is a web-based virtual online collaboration tool built on Microsoft’s powerful SharePoint® and Unified Communications Solution architectures, and commercial off-the-shelf applications, then modified through the inclusion of “wizards” to facilitate easy use by federal departments or state, local, or tribal agencies in collaboration, coordination, and communication activities. The virtual community that is created is readily accessible through a range of web-connected devices; the user is not tied to one computer, and requires neither local software, nor administrator rights in order to launch it. This makes the VCP a perfect home for the tools and information you need to successfully execute for your organization on a daily basis. You are freed to disseminate capabilities across organizations and jurisdictions, without getting caught up in configuration complexities.

The need to develop a secure community of trusted relationships is one of the most important aspects in the creation and operation of a collaborative endeavor. The VCP provides the capability to attain the connected and informed community which is needed and provide the functionality for daily operations and communications, so participants will be able to communicate and collaborate in logical and cohesive manner.

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