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Restore: Modeling Repair and Restoration Processes

Restore: Modeling Repair and Restoration Processes

Argonne’s Restore software models complex sets of steps required to accomplish a goal, such as repairing a ruptured natural gas pipeline, when the time required to complete a step may be uncertain. For example, external conditions (i.e., the time of day, weather, and availability of crew) may affect one or more of the steps required to accomplish a goal. Therefore, “nature” can influence which steps are taken and the time needed to complete each step.

Restore allows a user to estimate the time and cost (which may be uncertain) needed to achieve an intermediate stage of completion, as well as overall completion. It can also model workarounds and a simultaneous complete repair to obtain a distribution for the earliest time until service can be restored. Restore provides either a temporary solution via the workaround or complete repair, whichever comes first.

Restore also identifies the “most active path” through the network of tasks. This extremely important information helps a user gain insight into the most effective ways to speed up (or slow down) progress.


  • Natural gas, water, electricity and telecommunications infrastructures


  • Unlike other project planning and risk analysis tools, Restore has an intuitive, graphical and object-oriented environment for structuring a model, setting its parameters and viewing results.

Technical Details/Requirements

  • 1.9 Ghz PC with a Pentium 4 chip and at least 2 KB of RAM

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