Commercial Software

Argonne’s commercial software covers a variety of applications including simulation, modeling, computation, internet, flexible framework modeling, and more.

Commercial software can be licensed directly from Argonne unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in distributing software, please contact us.

Batteries and Energy Storage

  • GCTool provides fuel cell modeling.

Computation and Internet

  • LDAP Browser is a browser/editor for lightweight directory access protocol.
  • PCx is used for for linear programming optimization.


  • ARGUS-PRIMA provides short-term wind-power predictions.

Flexible Framework Modeling

  • Jeoviewer is a Java object-oriented geographical information system.

Modeling and Simulation

  • GFM provides glass furnace modeling.
  • ParmFlo provides parallel computational fluid dynamics modeling.
  • Restore is a program management tool that models the complex set of steps for systems or critical infrastructures.


  • Daness enables nuclear fuel cycle modeling.
  • MC2-3 generates multigroup cross-sections for fast reactors.
  • SAS4A/SASSYS-1 provides nuclear reactor safety analysis.


  • Autonomie provides open architecture to support the rapid integration and analysis of powertrain/propulsion systems and technologies.
  • SpEC is a DC charging digital communication controller.